Patio Coverings

Woodwork can serve a very practical, functional purpose in the landscape. Whether it's patio covers, screens, arbors or shade structures, they can be designed and built to be purely practical or they can be aesthetic additions to the garden by applying innovative design and construction techniques.

  • Patio Coverings

Patio covers, gazebos and arbors have become increasingly important parts of today’s exceptional landscape projects.  Of these structures, patio covers may even be mandatory for summer time use of your yard.  With the dramatic increase in electric rates, it will be even more practical to make your outdoor enviroment that more usable.  Patio Covers can be constructed in many shapes and sizes.  They can be very decorative with open to fairly dense ceiling or even solid roofing to match your house.

Gazebos and arbors are more like a garden accessory, when placed well in your garden, they can be the crown jewel of your project. They can be used to provide the look of an arbor your might see in a French garden or to create the illusion of an outdoor room while picking up an architectural feature from your house.

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